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three day potty training method

I need a new watch, and other life updates

There are some updates I want to share, so I thought of categorizing them. :)

I need a new watch

I want a new watch from nixonnow. I know I know… that sounds like a childish whim, but all my super-cheap watches are out of service by now and I think Nixon designs are way too cool for the low price ($100 or less on sales).

I like nixon the lowdown styles. They’re cute, simple but detailed at the same time. It’s a combination of modern style with a touch of pickiness. :) Hehe. Neat.

No matter what, I need a new watch. Definitely.

Can you imagine a university student taking an exam with no watch to check on the time?! Well, I’m one of those students… I had to ask my teacher what time it was and how much time left. Pitiful, yeah.

Freelance Writing ‘upgrade’

This morning I took courage and subscribed to the by Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli. It costed me $25, but I’m pretty satisfied with the service; it was oh! so worth the money! Now I hope I can renew my subscription next month though; I’d love to.

Carol and Linda are seasoned freelance writers with a lot of experience to share with newbie writers such as… me. I look forward to improve my skills and let the business world know that it can count on me as a writer when needed. :) Of course, I want to be paid well too. I have fun blogging for money, but when it comes to serious freelance writing I’m not accepting the mills: I want real pay.

Love, Love, Love… Simone!

Next month (October 4th, 2011) Simone and I celebrate 1 year and 7 months together. Guys, that’s such a blessing! We are more and more in love as time goes on, we deeply care for each other, respect each other’s feelings and ‘me’ times and support each other’s choices and projects.

I’m full of admiration for the Love of My Life. He’s the absolute husband, so perfect under many aspects. I can’t wait to get married to Simone. :) I love you sweetheart!

In conclusion, there were little big news in my life. :) I’m happy, guys, I really am. Oh… one more thing, right! This month I earned $500 from freelance work. 😀 That’s amazing! Off to work to the next milestone now… $800! And possibly $1,000/month starting next year. 😉 2012 must be a great year in my plans, hehe.

Work IS nice :)

Today I worked online all day. I missed the feeling; it is surely tiring and everything that can be said about work, but it makes me feel better to know I’m earning money to renew my websites, master reseller, and have cash to add to my savings account and for my personal expenses. Hopefully, next semester I’ll get to buy a book or two for my courses on my own.

As for job hunting, I believe we should put down a self-analysis on what kind of skills we do have and how competent we are. Also, we must consider our past history and try to foresee whether a company might hire us or not on the basis of our background. Most companies do a pre employment background check to ensure an employee meets their standards. They often do in-depth screening researches too, especially on background reports and a possible criminal record on a candidate employee’s past career. And well, they have every right to do so. In order to avoid wasting time on a certain company who certainly wouldn’t hire us, and a long series of unsuccessful interviews or internships, we should be honest with ourselves and conduct a first analysis on our own, and our past and competences. It saves a lot of time and frustration.