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Thoughts on Traveling

The Long Road HomeDo you enjoy traveling?

Well, I do. And each time I feel like a little kid taking the bus for the first time on a family trip— electrified!

But the joys of traveling don’t stop to the preparation, the expectation and the going in general. What’s truly wonderful is the emotion triggered by the discovery of a new place, its exploration, the effort to learn and understand a new language, the taste of new food.

Among the things, even the hotels and farms you’ll come to use and visit will add up to the adventure.

I was in Malta in 2006 and I fell in love with the diversity that permeated the cities, so different than what I’m used to in Italy. I enjoyed hunting for similarities, too, because all human people share at least a few traits. The exploration was engaging.

If I were to travel to Japan, I’d be interested in seeing how much the Sheraton Universal Hotel differs from the Sheraton sites we have in Italy.

I’d love to taste the ramen they cook there and see how it differs from instant or restaurant ramens I’m used to eat here.

I’d go on visit at a temple just to perceive the atmosphere.

I’d visit all toy and anime shops I come across just to feel like a child again (did I tell you I’m an incurable kid-at-heart?).

This is the charm of traveling to me. It makes life sound like an entirely new adventure you ought to build from scratch.

Your mind becomes more flexible as you understand other people better. It’s difficult to widen your horizons when you stay all life in the same place. Traveling helps you grow— I’ve met wonderful people who taught me this before I experienced it myself.

And you? How do you perceive traveling in your life?   Please share. ^_^

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Birthday vacation for my Love

I’m about to leave for Rome, to visit the Salario area and all its beautiful historical homes and museums with my sweet fiancé… Yet I’m thinking of house plans. LOL. I can’t help but daydreaming about our future house… Well, actually we KNOW it’s going to be a simple apartment, something we can afford in these years of financial crisis, but dreaming doesn’t hurt, does it?

I’m in love with 3-Bedroom houses. They’re small enough, simple and practical, and would make a nice nest for a new family who wishes to have more than one child – just Simone’s and my case, hehe. It would be like in a fairy tale. Beautiful. *_*

So– back to reality. We booked a hotel room in Rome, near Termini, so we can move around Rome in all freedom. The Salario area is a bit far away, so even thinking about commuting from home to there is crazyness. Actually, I wish I found some cheap hotel offer out of Rome to give Simone a REALLY GOOD birthday vacation (yes! it’s a present for his birthday! ^^) but I found nothing, so this is the best I could offer. *sigh* Oh well, he never visited those museums and historical sites, nor have I, so it’s still a win-win situation.

I’m going to update you sweeties in 3 days. <3