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Stolen from my sweet friend Yen

1. Do you worry about your next birthday?
Nah ^^ I don’t think 24 is that bad of an age *lol*

2. Have you ever lied about your age in the recent past? If yes why?
Nope. But I’m often told to look like a 17 years old student XD

3. Have you ever lied about your age when you were young? If yes why?
I can’t really remember…

4. How much older have you been a person that you were romantically involved?
I was 21.6 years old. To be precise.

5. How much younger have you been a person that you were romantically involved?
I was 2.9 years older than my ex ^^

6. Have you ever been consider a sibling, rather than parent of your child?
I haven’t my own kids (yet ?), but I love some of my friends as my children (and I’m returned ♥) and some of them are older than me, so yeah, we’ve been considered siblings sometimes :3

7. If you have had children, did you factor in age when deciding to have a sibling?
Well I would at least wait 2 years between the births.

8. If you have not had children, are you happy with your choice and/or fate?
I love and care about my ‘adopted’ children with all my heart and being, and I don’t regret a thing about it ♥

9. Do your siblings have kids? Are you close to them? Their ages?
No they haven’t. They’re so young ^^ My brother and sister have to turn 17 yet, on October. And yes, we are very close, even though… well, you know how it is between siblings ;]


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    What is a mother? Who shall answer this? A mother is a font and spring of life, A mother is a forest in whose heart Lies hid a secret ancient as the hills, For men to claim and take its wealth away; And like the forest shall her wealth renew And give, and give again, that men may live.
    (Francis Cardinal Spellman)


    Welcome, friends & family sweeties! ♥ If you're here, you surely know me, but this special site is not dedicated to myself only... This site is a display of love to my wonderful hubby, my baby robots, my 'adopted' children all over the world and my plans for the future. :) Please, enjoy this little place and always be nice ♥
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