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three day potty training method


I’m spending three days at grandma’s with my fiancee Simone, after spending a whole beautiful week at Praia a Mare (Calabria) with him and his family. Aww I love our family vacations! I really miss his parents and sister now, I hope I can go over to visit soon. :) Vacations bond people in incredible ways. It’s amazing!

I’ve always hated cold calling from companies, especially when I’m not registered with them. I think services like mojo dialer are much better, on user agreement, and they turn out more profitable than spam calls from regular telemarketing. They are also promoting this “agentdeals.” code for discount purchase for companies. Well, I hope they’re going to use that instead of keeping on with spam spam spam…

I need to purchase some more books. There is no real urgency and I need to save money for my September vacation to Malta (with my fiancee ♥) but the urge I have to read novels, essays and manuals is ever growing. When I pause my studies, on vacation, and even though I have other things to do (like art commissions), the urge to read and learn more never dies. I think reading/studying is part of myself, my nature, something I can’t avoid to save my life. Oh, what life to be saved? What from? Knowledge. Creativity. Thanking God every day for those gifts. :)

I want a Wii!

Wii!I feel nostalgic every time I hear people talking about the Wii console by Nintendo, and I get even more nostalgic when I see people playing with it.

I just… want a Wii too!!!

It’s been years now, but there seems to always be a reason for me not to buy it. Now that’s because there’s not enough room on the TV shelf, because my sister has her PS2 there already, because I need money for other things that are priority, etc. It gets really frustrating with the years passing. I played with the Wii the first time at my ex’s house, back on 2006, and I also considered buying directly online from UK Wii console deals, as he used to buy from the UK at the time… Now, my beloved Simone has a Wii at home too, and I often play with him or with his family, but that makes me even more nostalgic, because I still can’t play it at home! >.<” I fear this is becoming an obsession… isn’t it?

Simmy-honey said he would probably help me get a Wii one day, but I do NOT want him to spend money for me. I look forward to save my own money and buy one on my own. :) Hehe. Hope that day comes soon!