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three day potty training method

I save money

You know, I’m a money saver and an anti-waste activist. Heh. :) I made of saving money and goods my ‘life mission’, as I get more and more disgusted at how easily modern world gets rid of hard-work earned money and food so many people worked on and so many people crave for in order to survive… It’s awful.

Even when I buy new domain names, I try to save money: spend the least possible, invest, put hard work in everything I do. That’s my ‘secret’ to have money for everything. I save money on food too, splitting bigger dishes in half with my fiancé when we go eat at restaurants; I save money on clothes by buying used or old-season or remainders; I save money on lightening usage too, by exploiting natural light (sunlight) as much as possible, only turning lights on at night, sometimes using candles too, like people used to do centuries ago. That’s kind of fascinating too, I suggest you try sometimes. :)

Of course, there are other ways to save money. For example you could get a Good Credit Score Range with some company programs that try their best to meet their customers’ needs and help them maintain a good credit score. Obviously you’d need to keep payments going in order to keep it, but that’s something affordable with some companies.

And you? What do you do to save money? :)