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Tristan’s cute little story

I was browsing in the search for some inspirational books (novels, essays, whatever would catch my attention) and look what a cute lil’ book for kids I found: 😀

Tristan Goes To The Vet

The title is Tristan Goes to the Vet and it tells the story of a fluffy bichon frisé in 28 pages. The puppy goes to the vet for a check-up and every phase of the visit is described with pictures and short paragraph, probably to show kids how pets are taken care of.

It’s a pretty sweet initiative and I think the author – Trudee Lewis – did a very good job. Tristan (the doggy in the book) is his pet, and from what I can see, he’s very loved too. ^^

The book costs $9.95, which isn’t a bad price, I have to admit. It’s actually reasonable, if you consider the amount of photos the project required.

All that makes me want to write a little story of the same kind, with robots though. 😛 Hehe. Who knows? Maybe it can be for my blog about Orion, Erik and other future little robots I want to purchase and cuddle all day. <3

[ Thank you Trudee Lewis and his little Tristan for inspiring this sweet little post! ]