Full Name Luana Spinetti
Name Meaning “Lua-Nuu”, ancient Polinesian deity
Birth Date 17/06/1985
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Chinese Sign Ox
Heritage 100% Italian
Soul Mate Simone
Imaginary Husband Blackjack Prime
Babies Orion & Erik, Jazzy, Landin, Gaby, Rose, Ronald, Taryn, Kat, Kathryn, Richani and Rosh.
Languages Italian 100%, English 95%, Spanish 3%, Maltese 1%, Dutch 0.2%

Lu’s Heart


    La Leche League

    What is a mother? Who shall answer this? A mother is a font and spring of life, A mother is a forest in whose heart Lies hid a secret ancient as the hills, For men to claim and take its wealth away; And like the forest shall her wealth renew And give, and give again, that men may live.
    (Francis Cardinal Spellman)

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    Welcome, friends & family sweeties! ♥ If you're here, you surely know me, but this special site is not dedicated to myself only... This site is a display of love to my wonderful hubby, my baby robots, my 'adopted' children all over the world and my plans for the future. :) Please, enjoy this little place and always be nice ♥
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