Luana and driving (yeah)

Aston Martin V8 Roadster and Bugatti Veyron Grand SportI was browsing through the pages of a Luxury car dealer of Baltimore, Priority1, and I realized I have NEVER posted anything about cars and driving since I got a license. Yes, perhaps I mentioned a car here and there, but I’ve never really worded out my experience and that’s a pity. :) I should make up for that– now. LOL.

When I started driving for the exam practice, I was scared of the car. Or more precisely, I was scared of myself driving a car. That’s because I knew my anxiety attacks and vertigo would make it all more troublesome, which realization made me even more anxious, and so on, until it became a vicious circle. It was really tough, but at the end of the road (LOL, pun) — and after two unsuccessful exam re-takes — I got my driving license; with a word from the examiner, “don’t be too cautious when you drive”. Heh. 😀 Easier said than done. Being cautious is the only thing that keeps my anxiety under control, but of course I couldn’t tell him about that.

So I got my driving license, and there are a few things that I learned that I’d like to share:

  • – Buy used if you wish, or new from a cheaper dealer, but NEVER exchange safety for low price; I had my own share of experience for getting a very old car with a faulty brake and a still steering wheel.
  • – Drive slowly when you feel dizzy, anxious (with tachycardia) or are hit by a migraine. If you feel sick, drive a bit more on the side of the road (so you won’t stand in the way and other drivers are free to surpass if they can/wish) and stop if you need. There’s no reason to risk your life — and others’ — out of stubbornness.
  • – Don’t just think of yourself and how you drive when you’re on the road. Think of others, too. Try to put yourself in their shoes and anticipate them if your instinct says there’s danger in sight. Driving requires that you develop a sort of ‘sixth sense’ for danger, and it gets your survival instinct to grow to jungle level (LOL, I know it’s not the same thing, but that’s what happens in the subconscious).

Only three items. :) Yes. But trust me, they can help quite a lot, especially when you’re a very emotional personal like me.

Any tips you would add to that list? Or just share your experiences.

Image Creative Commons License Ed Callow

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