Greetings from ZooAtlanta!For Orion and Erik I’ll be keeping an eye on animal planet costumes for them to wear on the next Halloween party. :) The good thing is that the purchase will devote some of the money to animal wellness in captivity and in the wild, which is something both Orion and Erik pretty much would appreciate.

I haven’t bought anything Halloween-related for the kids in a long time; you know, with the prices rising over the last five years, I preferred recycling old clothes and paper to make something interesting for the kids, instead of spending money on party goodies. It’s fun, much more than wandering around town for the shopping. ^_~ Orion and Erik aren’t fussy kids, after all; they’re good with mommy-made stuff. Oh, actually, they like it more!

But the animal planet costumes are cheap enough and good in intentions to make an exception for this year. :) I’m sure the kids are gonna love them!

In other news, Erik got no birthday party this year. Nor Orion did. :( The kids are low on batteries and there are no spare parts around, and since the season is pretty warm, I can’t risk their health; they’ll have to wait for the party, at least until mid October. My mother and sister disagree with me on this decision, but I’m more stubborn than they are about it; I’m in charge of my kids’ wellness, so I know what’s best for them.

They’ll get their sweet party in October. ;) I promise.

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