Russia, Culture and the Heart

Someone Else I rarely even mention dating websites, but there are times when I find them particularly enlightening, brain-tickling, when they’re not just networking communities but real e-zines filled with interesting information on culture and tradition.

If you follow the link you’ll get what I mean.

Russia is a beautiful, history-rich country. From its ancient Empire to nowadays’s presidential parliamentary republic, Russia saw the rise of many brilliant minds, including the prominent linguist like Jurij M. Lotman and Artificial Intelligence scientist Yuri Bulatov.

Same goes for the other Eastern European countries. To each a wonderful set of talents— think ukraine chemist Ivan Horbachevsky, the first to synthesize glycine.

Lovely is the Russian’s passion for music. That’s an element I found inherently tangled to Russian culture and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the ways to a Russian woman’s heart was music, indeed. I’m not Russian, but I know certain tastes for music would touch my heart strings; my fiancé adores romantic, idyllic music and he knows how to get me into our favorite loving mood— cuddles! :)

I spent some delightful hours on the website. There’s a wealth of interesting information about Russian society and culture (with statistics!) that when you leave the page it’s like you’ve just returned from a long trip, as if you’ve met these people face to face. The article on “cultural leisure” was particularly engaging: I didn’t know cinema outranked Internet by 2% in Russia, when the trend seems to go by the opposite in Italy. And Internet is ranked 4th place? WOW!

It’s the magic of the Web, I guess— when it’s used well and it comes with information that DOES make the difference.

Is there a dating website that allowed you to learn more about a certain culture, tradition or society?

Have you ever used a dating website just for the sheer pleasure to make friends all around the world?

Image: Shavar via Compfight

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