Moderation – My secret to reduce waste

Waste here, waste there… we need to stop wasting money, food, natural resources and save more of anything we use.

No, I’m not an naturalist, an animalist or any -ist you could think of. I’m only a person with good sense, I believe.

There are some things I’d like to try out to improve life and save up some money (I’m not rich, ah!) like the OnPlug Phantom Power Saver by EthicalOcean (see picture above): it helps eliminates the extra electricity cost on the bill, that cost given by electricity used while our appliances are switched off but still plugged in.

Or parenting items too, like the organic diaper of the picture below. It think it would make a nice green holiday gift for many parents! :)

The two layers of the diaper are 100% polyester and the diaper itself is made of Canadian-milled mesh. It’s not allergenic either.

I also try to save more money by buying things I absolutely need only, leaving anything else for a future shopping session, when I’ll need those other items. I found this trick to work well with me; it also helps reducing stress and ‘possession’ anxieties given by modern lifestyle, always changing, always grinding out new products to tickle our most superfluous needs.

Moderation. That’s the key. :)

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