How to Connect Your Social Networking Profile to Dating Communities

Online dating used to consist solely of popular websites like eHarmony and, which allow users to create profiles that can be shared with other users of these services. While traditional dating sites are still used by millions of Internet users, a relatively new form of online dating has emerged in recent years. Online dating on social networks allows those who have already established personal profiles on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo to link their profiles with dating applications.

The largest social networking dating service is known as Zoosk. While full access to the service is only available to paying subscribers, a limited number of messages can be sent for free on this dating platform. Available across a wide range of different social networking websites, Zoosk has amassed more than 50 million users across the globe, and is available in 20 different languages.

In addition to Zoosk, several other dating applications are available to those looking for a special online connection. The content of these applications varies greatly, with all of them targeting a different segment of the dating community. For example, Facebook users may be familiar with Hot or Not, an application that allows users to rate other people based on whether or not they find them attractive. If you happen to find a particular user attractive, they will be given the opportunity to rate your appearance. If they find you “hot” as well, you will be able to exchange messages with one another.

If you feel like playing matchmaker for a friend, there are also social networking applications that make it easy to link up a single acquaintance with others who might be a good match. Matchmaker by is one of the most popular applications for sharing dating recommendations with your friends. This popular application works by asking you to select one of your friends, and entering information about their potential match. The application will then suggest 5 people who might be a good match for the individual in question, which you can in turn send to your friend.

While they may be a good way to meet others on social networking, dating applications have a tendency to be rather vapid, in terms of content and how they link users together. If rating other users based on their appearance or profile does not seem appealing to you, you might be better off investigating one of the popular dating websites that has proven effective for daters across the globe. eHarmony is one great example for those looking to make a deeper connection. The dating platform will link your profile with others who have indicated similar personality traits and personal interests, making for a well-suited potential match.

Regardless of how you to decide to find your new sweetheart online, you will likely be amazed at the sheer number of individuals looking to find true love. Remember to use common sense when connecting with strangers, and do not share information about your residence or personal location. Stay safe and have fun, and perhaps you will find the person of your dreams with a little help from these great online applications and sites.

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