7 Mother’s Day Ideas To Enjoy The Day With Mom

My First LoveHello, fellow Moms! :) Mother’s Day is coming up in May, and if you’re like me, there’s a chance you have no ideas what to get your Mom or what to do for her on her special day. Right? Here are a few Mothers Day ideas from my daughter Mandi to help make that day in May a memorable one. Thank you, sweetheart!

Make a scrapbook. Moms love memories of their babies. They treasure them more than anything else in the world. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to give her a scrapbook you made of memories you have of her? Show her what she looks like through YOUR eyes. It’s a unique, personalized present she’ll cherish as much as her memories of you — because they ARE her memories of you!

Jewelry is never a bad option. There are plenty of selections of mom related jewelry in a variety of stones and metals you could buy for her or have crafted just for her on Mother’s Day. There are charms that hold the birthstones of each of her children, or perhaps a hand hammered message on a silver charm for her? The sky’s the limit!

Ever think of cooking Mom’s favorite meal for her? After all, she makes yours for you every time you need to be reminded of her love for you, and even “just because” times! She’ll appreciate time away from the kitchen and the thoughtfulness of your gesture. Open up a conversation about her favorite foods; what are they? Why does she like them? What are her comfort foods and what does she associate with them?

Moms love flowers! Hand picked or store bought, flowers never fail to woo Mom’s heart. For a Mother’s Day activity idea, perhaps purchase some seedlings or seed packets and plant a garden together and watch the blooms — and the love — blossom.

Moms love handmade gifts from their children. One idea is wearable art for Mom – there are jewelers on etsy.com who will send you moulding kids, take your children’s fingerprints and make them into a pendant in various choices of metals. Well, if you are on a budget or want something special to do together, make a fingerprint molded pendant out of Fimo or Sculpey II clay for Mom. The best part is you can choose the colors that are meaningful to Mom!

Art Day! Have the family sit down and draw Mom. What does Mom look like to them? What sorts of memories do the children have of her? What is everyone doing together in their pictures with Mom? Mom should sit down and draw herself, too, and compare it to how her kids see her. It can be a great self-esteem boost, too!

Bake a batch of Mom’s favorite cookies together. She gets the first one out of the oven and everyone else takes care of the clean up.

What are YOU going to do for your Mom on Mother’s Day?

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True Love From A Dating Site? Better Chances If It’s Local :)

A Moment TogetherOnline dating sites have become less and less uncommon through the years. But which one do you go with? There are so many that appeal to so many different groups of people from goth dating sites to Christian online match-making. Which one is right for you?

For starters, don’t subscribe to the first site you see. Be choosy! You’re talking about someone who might be your life mate, don’t you want that to be the best? Don’t be afraid to turn down websites that are all hype and filth.

There are some that are nothing more than hookup sites, nothing but men and women looking for quick sexual encounters with no relationship surrounding it. These are the ones you want to avoid; read closely. Do the profiles talk in depth about what people are looking for in relationships and who they are as people, or are there just pictures and short, one sentence answers to questions that beg deeper replies? Those are good signs that this is a hookup site. These are the ones you’d prefer to avoid – you will not likely find long term love with people looking for short term sex.

Remember, sex and lovemaking ARE two very different things, don’t be pressured by ANYONE into thinking “if you love me or want me to love you, you’ll do it.” NO!

A True Story

One of my daughters met her significant other through an art website that had nothing to do with dating. He was her favorite artist on the site and she contacted him and the rest is history. They were of like mind, each looking for someone special but very discerning about what that was. They took plenty of time to get to know one another before they met in person and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

However, my daughter and her beloved one weren’t foolish about it; they decided to meet in a public setting during daylight hours. They didn’t mean to stay out ’til nearly midnight, but that’s what happens when you’re busy falling in love – you lose track of the time. Try to keep an eye on how much time you spend on your first date.

Don’t go overboard. Have a reasonable time frame of when you’ll meet and how long you’ll spend together.

True Love Might Not Be Oceans Away

Other sites I’d recommend are ones that are area specific. For a good example, check www.texasdatingplanet.com – it’s a dating community for Texans only, that means you won’t have to drive across states or fly overseas to meet your loved one. My daughter and her honey were just fortunate to live in neighboring states, but it can be a challenge if you’re on one coast and your sweetheart on the other; or worse, living in different countries.

Believe me – I’ve been in a long distance relationship that started with an online chat and it was tough on both partners. We lived in two different countries and the costs of maintaining our relationship were prohibitive. We split up for other reasons, too, but distance was one of the involved factors.

Consider locally based singles sites so that you don’t find yourself in an unrealistic relationship where you cannot have the healthy aspect of being able to be with one another in a physical sense and capacity; that doesn’t mean just sex. There’s something very important about being able to touch your partner, kiss her, hold his hand… you can’t replicate that in a coast-to-coast relationship. Keep your expectations realistic if you find yourself unconcerned about distance.

Heartbreak is sure to haunt you if you don’t accept the very real possibility that a purely online relationship won’t work out. I don’t think being physical is the only thing that matters in your love life, but it IS very important. It’s something you need to come to terms with and decide what you’re willing to give up for your beloved who may be thousands of miles away. Just be realistic; that’s the best protection measure you can take for yourself — and your heart.

And realize that relationships, be they long distance or next door, will take work. But remember, love is not a result of effort like exercise is. Yes, you have to do the heavy lifting, invest time in your partner, be kind, caring and compassionate, but remember, just because you do that does not mean it will warrant the expectations you have for the relationship. Love is not like lifting weights; you can work all you want and get nothing out of it, but the other side of that is that a healthy, happy relationship can’t exist without all that hard work — which, when you are with The One, doesn’t even feel like work at all.

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